Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Fact Friday

I remembered this week to do a Five Fact Friday! (mostly because its Wednesday, and I'm writing this to be scheduled.)


 1. I've been eating everything under the sun lately. I think its cause I'm bored with having less classes and no show work to do right now. I get home, plop in front of the computer and snack, snack, snack. It doesn't help that I figured out how to make microwave popcorn with out the icky stuff. Thank you Pinterest.

2. I may be getting a job! (finally) I applied to be a housekeeper at a nearby B and B, had a fantastic interview and was asked back to do a trial day. The trial will be this friday. :)

3. My parents visited last weekend and it was quite fun. They saw the play I've been working on, we went Geocaching and ate some tasty food. We went to this cemetery (to find a geocache) and found some really old graves. The oldest I think was like 1805. Egads! Mostly it was late 1800's, which is still impressive.

4. The children I nanny for gave me carrot cake cupcakes for my birthday. They were damn tasty. They kept trying to convince me to share the cupcakes with them. I would have, but their mother assured me they had eaten plenty while making them. Also, I remembered that carrot cake usually has raisins in it. I dislike raisins.

5. Currently my nail polish matches my sweater. Its the same color. I swear, it just looks gold.

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EveryDay Bloom said...

Ok I'm painting my fingernails this weekend! They're finally long...and I was intrigued by your photo. How fun. Lynaea @

Anonymous said...

I want that popcorn on your post! lol

Tabetha Garman said...

I had a job cleaning a B&B when I was in school-- its a great gig! And I am intrigued by the microwave popcorn sans goo-- do you have a link to the pinterest? I wanna see how!

Amelia Burke-Holt said...

Its super simple. Just put your own popcorn kernels in a paper bag!