Sunday, March 3, 2013

A ramble about dressing for jobs (mostly awesome dress up day photos)

I started writing about how I got a new job, and it was tiring but spiffy. Then I was interested to start writing about the challenge I'm going to take on about dressing for work and not getting too bored. Then I wanted to write about past jobs and my wardrobe challenges/wonderful awesomnesses. So here is something like that.

My biggest real job of the past was working at a summer day camp. I was a camper there, went through their whole teenage leadership camp thing and then became a counselor/instructor. Total I think I was there 12 summers. I know, right. This camp was a big part of my life.

Can you spot the pink hair?

We wore our staff T shirts every day, with athletic pants/shorts or khaki pants/shorts on bottom. It was rather uninspiring. But what made up for it?

Sorry.. They were really fun. Every Friday had a different theme, and we could wear anything and everything but our staff shirts.
Crazy Hair and Wacky Wear
Fictional Character (Draco Malfoy)
Sports day (Quidditch FTW)
Pajama Day

Ok, enough of that.

I've ranted in the past about my battle with carpentry clothes. HERE and HERE.
And the new challenge? White shirt on top, plain ish, pants (preferably jeans or black) on bottom, black apron on top. All very comfy with shoes that can stand being on foot for 5 hours. Yup. Housekeeper getup. 

Even less attractive than this.

I've got a fair amount of white shirts. They're kind of my favorite thing in summer. So hopefully I won't be too bored, plus I'm totally down to get more of them. I have the feeling new shoes will be in order though. 

I was going to show you what I wore today. But its pretty damn bring, so I'll skip it. Maybe another day.


La mer.

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