Monday, October 27, 2014


I'll give you a hint what's been on my mind lately...





I do not lay claim to any of these images. If you'd like to see more like this you can check out my Tiny Homes board on Pinterest!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


In my new routine I've been focusing all my adventuring energy to the weekends, mostly because I'm too lazy/tired after work on the week days to do much other than cook dinner and watch netflix.

A key part of my weekends is getting up early and, you know, doing things. I'll often come home at 11 or 12 to find my roommates just getting up. I think they are a bit confused that I've been up doing things all morning already. 

One of my favorite weekend routines is going to a coffee shop in the morning and reading, or more recently, blogging. When I first moved here I was trying out a new coffee shop every weekend trying to find my perfect spot. Now I've more or less settled on this little shop a few blocks from my house. Their coffee is tasty, the atmosphere is nice and they have a tasty yogurt and granola bowl for breakfast.

This weekend I also went adventuring in the hills of Berkeley with my friend Patrick!

We explored some little meandering pathways in the neighborhoods up there, climbed some big rocks and marveled at the view across the bay.

Not the cutest path we saw that day, but a path none the less.

After wandering we stopped in a nice little pub for beer and board games! I always have to check if it is board games or bored games. Is it named because you're bored when you play them or because they are on boards? I prefer bored games. :)

So many vowels! 

How was your weekend?


Monday, October 20, 2014

Little update.

Since I've been gone for a while, I thought I should do a little update on my life, cause so much has changed!

Lets see. I graduated from college. That was a big deal I suppose.

Such a big deal...

Even before I graduated I had started a really amazing internship and continued working there for the summer after graduation. 

I made some odd things at my internship.

The next big news was that I was awarded an even more amazing fellowship!

Luckily my apt. came fully furnished, cause this is all I brought when I moved down.

My fellowship is at a theater in Berkeley California, so I hopped on a train and moved to the Bay. 

So that leads me to now. I'm working away at this new fellowship and crafting myself a new life here in California. Hooray!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Oops. I'm back.

Um. Hello blog.

I guess I'm back. I didn't intend to be back, but here I am.

A few weeks ago I found myself on pinterest a lot. Pinning like a mad woman you could say and still not feeling satisfied. At some point I realized what I needed was blogs. I started reading blogs again, but told myself I wouldn't start blogging myself. I'd been taking a break from blogging. I was fine with out it!

Why did I take a break? Well, here are a few reasons.

  • It was taking up too much time. I was finishing up college, working part time and later doing an intern ship.
  • I was getting my priorities out of order. I love the inspiration from blogging, but was getting too caught up in the follower counts, giveaways and the like. 
  • I feel like there was another thing, but I forget...

So this time around I'm going to try to focus a little better. I'm going to write about things that mean something to me and not worry about getting followers. Also with writing for me, I'm not going to let blogging get in the way. If I don't have time, I won't blog. If its not satisfying me, I won't keep doing it.

So there is your warning, I may disappear again. But for now...

La Mer.