Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Challenge

Alrighty, for the month of March I'm giving myself a challenge. Well, two challenges actually.

I just crossed the "Get a job" task off my check list, but in the past few weeks between getting said job, finishing a show and getting set on a new schedule, I've been eating not so well.

I normally eat pretty well. I roughly follow the 80-20 rule (I just figured out it was a thing. I'd been doing it naturally for years though. Thanks parents for teaching me good habits) where you eat 80% organic, natural, healthy things and 20% not so good stuff. I'm a fan of ice cream, Juanita's tortilla chips are my weakness and I do drink soda every or every other day. I try to listen to myself about when I need a treat. I like to put a chocolate or cookie in my lunch so I've got something to cheer me up in the afternoons when I'm dragging. But when one chocolate turned into two, and then two chocolates and a cookie, I knew it was time to start paying more attention to the big picture.

I'm not making any huge changes to get my diet back in order. I'll still have a my treats, but I'm going back to a treat a day, not two, three or five.
The other change I'm making is drinking more water! I go through water phases. Sometimes I get really into my water bottle and carry it everywhere, or I remember to keep a tumbler filled and just carry it around to sip. With this new job, I've been taking my water bottle, because vacuuming a sun room can get quite tiring. Today I took that one step further and have been carrying a tumbler of water around with me. I added a few slices of lemon to jazz it up a bit too. :)

The internet has led me to believe not everyone calls these the same thing. 
I call em a tumbler. Not to be confused with a tumblr.

The other goal? Get my drivers licence! Licencelessness runs in my family. My brother doesn't have one either, but we're both working on it. Last I was home, it looks like we're both more or less ready to take the test, but just haven't yet. A wonderful friend of mine has been driving with me over the past few months, but busyness with school put it off. The new goal is before spring break. I may just call and make the driving test appointment, so I'm obligated to practice.

Wish me luck!
~La Mer.

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Sarah said...

Good luck with all your goals! I'm currently trying to eat healthy too. I love those plastic tumblers!