Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Fact Friday (mostly new job related)

I'm running a little late today, but its still friday!

1. My hunt for good housekeeping clothes goes on! So far the things added to my wardrobe for this job are...

  • White long sleeve shirt. I bought it for the first day because they said wear white, and I wanted to cover my tattoo with long sleeves until I knew if tattoos were okay or not. Now I know they're okay and will probably never wear this shirt again. I"m tempted to cut the sleeves off into a tank top or 3/4 sleeve.
  • Grey tennis shoes. Something with a little more support than the Merrell shoes I was wearing before, and less smell attracting. (Those shoes get seriously stinky) 
  • White sleeveless shirt with some cute buttons and details. When its not 9:30 with no light to be seen, I'll take a picture for ya. :)
  • Black capris. Right now they're kind of an awkward length where they could be full length pants on someone short, or capris on someone tall, but on me they're like top of shoe height. I think I'll wear them cuffed and probably hem them eventually.
2. Black Books may impart much wisdom on us, but there is one quote I don't always agree with.
Bernard: Old wine... is good wine...
Manny: Yes... but expensive wine is good wine also
Bernard: But the older the wine... the gooder it is
Manny: Yes... but by the same token, the more expensive the wine... the gooder it is also
Mostly because I'm currently drinking cheap as hell wine, and it is damn tasty.

3. Try as I might, I lost my voice this week. It wasn't terrible, and I never fully lost the ability to speak (though it was nice to have a break from talking during ASL class). I was scared though because last time I lost my voice (over the summer) I had a few days where I could absolutely not speak. Luckily I was living alone at the time and called in sick to work and just sat around alone all day.

4. Oh goodness its good to be employed again. I forgot how nice it is to be able to buy lunch if I don't have time to pack one, or not feel terrible for getting a cup of coffee while I'm out doing errands.

5. Two favorite skills I've learned from my new job thus far: How to do hospital corners on a bed, and how to clean a bathroom super fast!

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Kate Pirouette said...

I LOVE Black Books! I love the way they describe the colour of the wine as "like looking into the eye of a duck". Spot on!

Kate x
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