Thursday, February 28, 2013

Giveaway time!

Hey everyone, 
I'm participating in my first giveaway! Tabetha over at The Closet Intellectual set up the whole thing for us, thanks Tabetha! 

For my contribution, I'm giving away a pair of my button bobby pins. If you want to check out more of them, head on over to my Etsy. I've got lots of colors listed and can also do custom colors! 

Check out all those awesome things! Below you'll find the Rafflecopter link where you can do a few things to get a few entrys. Good luck everyone! 

La Mer.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A style, of late.

I'm quite good at disappearing, have you noticed? I know I still owe you some more awesome set building information and pictures of the real set. But I don't have em yet. So for now...

I wanted to mention that I think the 50's were pretty nifty. Primarily the fashion. I've always loved long wool skirts and cardigans. Lately I've actually been wearing some of the skirts and cardigans I've got, rather than just admiring them from time to time. Since I have been working on a show, I mostly wear shop clothes. But with the show open I've got a bit more freedom in my attire.  Recently I was at a clothing exchange party and picked up a few new skirts too.

Valentine's Day

Yesterday for a day of errands.

These were the two new skirts I got at the clothing exchange. They're pretty spifftastic. 

I also wore an awesome outfit on my birthday. No vintage skirt but I did wear a sweater that was my grandmother's in the 50's. It was passed down to my mother and then to me. 

This was the inspiration for my birthday outfit.
I think I came pretty close.

La Mer.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lately in Theater: Part 2

So let me tell you a bit more about this thesis project of mine. Yesterday I talked about in general the jobs I do in the theater. Today I'll focus on designing the set.

The play we are doing is a modern (ish) version of Cyrano de Bergerac. The text has been shortened and simplified so it is more accessible for middle/high school aged children. 

Our amazing director James Edmondson wanted this production to go back and forth reminding you this is a theatrical performance, but then getting lost in the story and swept away with the "magic of theater". To accomplish this I looked into old theater techniques and classic "backstage" appearances.

 I also thought a lot about the balance of time periods. The time the play was written, the time it was set, and the current time. I pulled elements from all three. 

Another key design element came from being carried away by one's imagination. I thought about how to create a canvas for the imagination to portray this story.

In the end I fell in love with the idea of using various sized stage flats to create the set. Usually we build a set out of stage flats, but try to make them appear to be something else.

I was very inspired by french design, using lots of blue tones and damask wallpaper patterns. 

How did it all turn out? You'll have to wait to find out...

La Mer.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lately in Theater: Part 1

Am I boring or what. No posts for quite a smidge. I've got a good excuse though. I've been working on a BIG project at school, my thesis project in fact. I applied for a Bachelors of Fine Art a while back, and because I got it (yay me) I get to do a thesis project instead of a capstone. Think, do project then write paper about project, instead of do research paper about some interesting topic.

Because my emphasis is in both Technical Direction and Set Design, I wanted to find a project where I could do both. Don't want to do all that work for both, then only represent one.

To back up two steps, let me tell you a better description of what I do.

In high school I got involved with technical theater. I loved all the crazy projects you'd get to do, like building giant noses or making silly sound effects. I jumped around and did all sorts of things, lights, sound, set.
Now in college, I just work on the set. They split it up into a few major parts. The set designer designs everything, the furniture, walls, any objects on the set. Next those designs go to the Technical Director and the Prop Master. They divvy it up to see who builds what. The TD takes the big stuff (walls, doors, platforms) and the Prop Master takes the smaller stuff (furniture, pictures on the wall, etc.) The other key person in this is the Paint Charge, but we'll get to them later.

Here is a set I designed last year.

I kinda love all four of these positions. When I first got to university I did props, but I loved seeing how hard the carpenters worked and how much fun they were having, so I joined them. Its been awesome. It is such a wonderful feeling to finish a day of hard work (both physically and mentally) and see something you've built actually exist. As a carpenter, first you learn (obviously) carpentry skills. How to use tools, be safe, and build stuff. The next skill you learn is how to manage people. The role of a technical director is to figure out the best way to build things, manage the schedule of when to build them, manage the people who will build them, and make sure there is enough money to build everything that needs to be built. 

I also learned a lot about set design, painting and building props. In order to do one of these jobs, you kind of have to understand all three. Usually you choose one, but take a class or two in the other areas as well, but I decided I might as well take all the classes in all the areas! So I've got experience in painting, prop building, set building and set designing.

Drafting is pretty important too. Btw.
Fast forward to now, I've been working on a play where I designed the set, and then was the technical director, and oversaw the building of the set. It has been a pretty amazing experience. Its not something they let students do often. I think the last time someone did it at this school was 5 or 6 years ago, and it is still sometimes referred to by his name (doing a "Dorian").

Egads, I've typed a lot. If you've made it this far, congratulations. I'm almost done

I'm really excited to share everything I've worked on, but as a professional courtesy  I'm waiting to show any pictures of the finished set until the show opens (this friday!) So stay tuned...

La Mer.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spare Valentines Day Post

Hello! Here is a spare Valentines Day post to show off the lovely baking I did last night!

Sugar Cookies
Gluten Free/Vegan Coffeecake

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


For today's lovely holiday I thought I'd join the throng and write the ever popular significant other post.

I've mentioned him a bit before, mostly here and a few other posts here and there.

So Blogging world, meet Isaac.  

As is probably evident by that fancy jacket he's got on, Isaac is in the Marines, so we only see each other a few times a year. Usually this happens every three months or so, but we've been a bit unlucky and haven't crossed paths since Thanksgiving. It looks like we'll be seeing each other next mid April (For a whole month!) Worth the wait, I say. 

The Story

We ran in similar groups in high school, both hanging around the theater a good deal. We were kind of friends, and would talk on occasion, but things didn't really click until one year our winter vacations lined up and we spent a little time together. After going for a walk one night and talking of all sorts of wonderful things, I don't think we spent a full day apart for the rest of break. A year and a bit later, here we are. A state and a half apart, but quite happy to have found each other. 

Spare fact, we both adore The Lord of The Rings, and have each gotten tattoos to celebrate that.

And now you know a bit more about my life and the fellow I'm quite a fan of.

I hope you all are having a fantastic valentines day. :)

La Mer

Just another day of the year.

I am a fan of valentines day.

Even if I've got nothing special planned or don't have someone to celebrate it with at the time, I generally like the feel in the air around that time.

But something I'm not a fan of? People who put down the holiday.

I think this is because people are displaying that they are angry about seeing other people happy. And its not the "hate seeing other people happy" part that I get grumpy about. Its the displaying it part. (Now is when I'm feeling a bit hypocritical for posting this.)

I suppose my opinion is that if you really hate valentines day so much and want nothing to do with it, perhaps you should just ignore it and avoid it, instead of wallowing in it.

Don't post about how much you hate the holiday. Don't show off how you're going to eat a tub of ice cream by yourself in protest. Just pretend it doesn't exist. Its just another day of the year.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Fact Friday

Morning everybody,
Its Five Fact Friday again, and this time I'm joining Tabetha's blogger challenge, over at The Closet Intellectual.

So here are my five things, for this February Friday.

1. In the past year I've discovered GeoCaching. My SO introduced me to it and I'm hooked! I'd been using the free app for my Iphone for a while, and my dad just (by just, I mean a few weeks ago) bought me the full app. Sadly I've been so busy the past few weeks I haven't been able to use it yet, but as today is the last major day of work on my thesis project, I'm hoping the coming weeks will have time for lots of caches. :)

2. I hadn't been much of a watch wearer until this past year or so. I started wearing it as it is quite handy with my work in theater (managing crews and scheduling means always knowing what time it is). I'd wanted a digital watch (I'm terrible with analog clocks.) but not some sporty, plastic looking thing. I was so happy when I found this watch at Fred Meyer for a decent price too! But that decent price is catching up to me because the (fake) leather band has been deteriorating for a while. I may look into constructing a new band for it... Something else leather and wrist cuff-y.

3. I'm a coffee fiend, and have been since high school. I blame my parents. Not that they were there with coffee cups, waving it under my nose saying "tryyyyy this coffeeeeee" (there is an entertaining picture in my head), but they do ALWAYS have coffee in the house. At any given hour if you go find the big coffee thermos that floats around the house, there will be coffee. And if there's not? Just drop a hint its empty and and you'll get the reply of "Oh, do you want another cup? Cause if you're having one I'll have some too!"
So, yeah. I like my coffee.

4. I started watching Mad Men last night. I'm hooked...

5. I reeeally like cleaning the kitchen. When I come home, and I'm tired and want to go to bed, not so much. But when I've got the time, I feel so satisfied to have a nice organized kitchen. Sadly this whole "having time" thing doesn't happen too often, but this weekend the kitchen shall be cleaned!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Exchange


A few weeks ago I joined up in this awesome Valentine Blogging Party! We were all partnered up with another blogger to send a Valentine's Day gift to.


I was paired with the lovely Holli over at From Paris With Love

She read that my New Years resolution was to start baking more, so she sent me a wonderful baking package!

Included were...
-Heart silicon molds
-Valentine's cupcake cups and toppers
-Heart (giant) cookie decorating kit
-Cookie cutters (shaped like hearts of course)
And a cute card!

I'm so excited to use all these adorable things. I'm thinking of using the giant cookie kit this weekend and perhaps the cupcake cups for a Valentine's Day potluck I'm attending. 

Cute card. 
I'm kind of in love with silicon baking things...

Thanks so much Holli! I hope you enjoy your gift too. :)

Here is Holli's post about what I sent her.

La Mer

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Well, the illness has gotten me. I'm used to getting a cold around this time of the year (almost always on my birthday), so I'm not surprised it's turned up now. I am glad it popped up a bit before my birthday though. :)

My past two days have been spent in bed, and wishing I was in bed. I gave myself permission to not go to classes if I wasn't up to them, but I have been going to school in the afternoon to run carpentry call. I've got a wonderful assistant Technical Director who could run calls for me on M/W, but I'm stubborn and bad at delegating.

But today I am feeling a bit better, after sleeping in again I have decided to catch up on homework and projects this morning, go to carpentry this afternoon and hopefully be back full force tomorrow.

Heres hoping,

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Peanut Butter Cups

What is this rumpus, a food post? Egads.

I've been trying to figure out something (eatable) I could make for valentines day. After my last few baking attempts have been less than excellent, I decided I should keep it simple. I also wanted something easily transportable.

So I made peanut butter cups! But not just any peanut butter cups. Heart shaped peanut butter cups. Clearly the best kind.

I vaguely followed this recipe from

1 package chocolate chips.1 cup peanut butter1/2 cup confectioners sugar1/4 tsp salt 

1. Trim 12 paper muffin cup liners to half of their height.2. Place 1/2 chocolate chips in a microwave safe container. Microwave for 2 minutes, stirring after each minute. Spoon melted chocolate into muffin cups, filling halfway. With a spoon, draw the chocolate up the sides of the cups until evenly coated. Cool in the refrigerator until firm.3. In a small bowl, mix together peanut butter, confectioners' sugar and salt. divide into the chocolate cups. Melt the remaining chocolate, and spoon over peanut butter. Spread chocolate to edges of cups.

The parts I didn't follow? I eyeballed the proportions based on how many I wanted to make.  Also, I used silicon muffin liners so they're easily removable.

 Basically, They're pretty amazingly yummy. I made enough for my first gift, guess I'll need to be making some more. :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Five Fact Friday

1. Anyone who has ever met me will know I am in love with pugs. Show me a picture of a pug and however
serious I'm being I'll start squealing and going crazy.
Miss Sido, my little french fashion pug.

2. Pink became my favorite color complacently by accident. I joked about the color pink during tomboy phase in middle school, but ended up falling in love with it!

Image from  whitetulipboutique

3. I've got a love hate relationship with my hands. Mostly I like having hard working, warn looking hands, but sometimes I want dainty, graceful hands dammit. 

4. The two movies tied for my favorite are O Brother Where Art Thou and Elizabeth town.

5. This winter I've become obsessed with hats. I've usually got the few for bad hair days, but because of the cold I've been wearing them non stop for the past few months (I'm wearing one now!)

And thats that.