Friday, September 5, 2008

Becoming Re Inspired

With work ending, school starting, and vacation being taken, I've really not been up to enough art. Today I jumped right in when I got home from class. My first project was one I began a week ago but never got any further on.

My first step in this project was to talk a large *maybe 5x2 foot* canvas and to pour/dump/splater paint onto. My goal was for it to look like some bizarre spill. For this I used some old house paint because I really wanted to be able to dump as much as I wanted onto this canvas. So thats the part i got done a week ago, but it took a few days to dry being as the paint was pooled on so thick.

Today I brought it inside and began painting over the house paint. I began at the bottem of the canvas with red paint. My goal is to work my way up moving through red, orange, yellow and finaly ending in white. I am only painting the color onto the house paint area, so it will give an apperance of spilled ranibow of colors *almost*. The background I'm leaving the white of the canvas, but I might need to go back and touch up some edges. I'll post pictures when I'm a bit more compleat, and a bit less lazy.

Next project I started was a plushie, because I really hadn't done any in a couple months. I chose four fabrics. Light blue, a mossy green and a burgundy felt, and then a white fabric with a small flowers colored mossy green and burgundy. The front and back of the plushie will be the blue and flowerd fabric, while the inside of the ears and the nose will be the green and burgundy. Today all I go to was cutting out the body and got maybe 1/4 of the way around sewing the edges. If I've got time I hope to finnish the body tomorrow, and maybe begin the face. It is really a genaric plushie, though it does have cat ears. Tomorrow is my friend Gillian's birthday party and if I finish I may give it to her as a gift. But of course I'll take a picture first to put here.

My last artistic venture of the day included photography. I've always been intrigued by moving some sort of light in a dark background with a long exposure time so that you get a neon sort of drawing/shape/writing. I read a few HOW TOs online and thought I had it all figured out. However when I was testing it out, I could only manage a few squiggles. Mind you they were wonderful squiggles, but not really my goal. I was really just experimenting and didn't have my exposure all figured out yet, but later I'll figure it out. I did however get some good photos of a blurred lamp. If I feel so inclined later I'll put a few up.

So happy noting.
<# Merr.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Box creation.

Today while avoiding all intensive garage sale-ing, I finaly got back to working on my box of randomness. A couple months ago I bought an L shaped shelving unit from my local Goodwill. I really had no plan on what to do with it, so I just jumped into painting it. I started with painting each side a diffrent color, then going through with a black pen and adding random detail.

a while back I also became interested in making small, realistic dolls out of femo dough, so It became nessicary to incorpirate one of them into this project. Heres where part of the actual plan came out. I began making a small girl who would be holding an umbrella and flying away. However after baking the head, body and hands in seprate pieces, I was quite unhappy to discover that I had swiched my left and rights when it came to hand positions and arm positions. Luckily I was able to swich the hands and my doll had a look as if she were waving. So my new plan involved the umbrella flying away with the girl waving.

My last problem involved the fact that I hadnt given my girl feet. I needed a solution as to how to hide that. I came up with having grass at the bottem of the box. I found some green yarn to knit into the bottem. last I painted a small background of a field with tree horrizen. Well thats as far as I am now, so I'll post pictures with updates.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vampires and hairdye.

So today was pretty epic. And so was last night for that matter.

After a night of random free food and fireworks, I got to watch a wonderful thunder and lighting show.

And on to today. Woke up late and went to call the Poding only to realize that I had lost my phone the night before.
Luckily someone had found it so I called them and we met up just a bit ago.

So I did end up making contact with the Poding and we met at Sally's to purchase hair dye. I just fixed my roots because my natural color is quite a bit darker then my current. And I bought some turquoise for future use. So my roots are touched up, and the Poding's hair is freshly redder. And of course while the dye set we couldn't resist watching some Dr. Horrible and then afterward, Buffy.

All and all a tres successful day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My great-great-uncle Arlie was clearing out his home, and he gave me and my Mother some old quilts, including one that was not compleated. It was a box of small cut patterned pieces, some sewn together, some not. I'd found plenty of uses for the not sewn together pieces, but had yet to find a use for the sewn together ones, untill now. And TADA the coin purse was born.


Well here we are.

It felt like time I got a blog. And my crafts needed somewhere to present themselves. So ta da this blog was invented!

So most people call me Merma, but I go by Mellow Fellow for my street art. I currently go to Corvallis High school, and my passions are art and theatre. I go for classic painting, sewing, doll making, sculpting, instalation art and pretty much anything else. So here we are and there we go!