Monday, September 17, 2012


I have been feeling obligated to write a blog post. There are things I could talk about that would follow a good theme, but I'm kind of too lazy at this point, so I'll do a lazy blog post.

Here is what is going on currently, in the life of Mer.

Listening To: The sweet crooning of a french accordian. I have once again broken out the Pink Martini pandora station, which ends up with lots of Edith Piaf and Ella Fitzgerald. It makes for some lovely, soothing morning and afternoons.

Creating: I made some new pins this morning. One usual flower and feather one, and a new one with some metal and beads. They will make their way on to my Etsy shop
Excited to: Go through and hang up the new clothes I picked up. I just got back from a clothing exchange party and need to go through my finds and see what needs to be mended or altered, also come up with some  possible outfits. 
Looking Forward to: My favorite person coming to visit in approximately three weeks! It will have been three months since I've seen him, and last time we only had an hour to spend together. This time I have a whole week of him to myself. If Nat King Cole has taught me anything it is that the greatest thing is just to love, and be loved in return. 

~Le Mer.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


So, other than being a random person who flits about doing random things, I'm also a carpenter. One could say that my primary future career of choice is being a carpenter. That is if you base my primary future career on my apparent major and what I spend the majority of my college time learning about. That basically means I really have no idea if I'll be a carpenter when I leave college, but it sure is an awesome skill set to have.

My summer has been broken down into four major chunks so far.
-Time spent at home with the puggies (and parents)
-Time spent at the country fair. Being a carpenter and a painter and all that joy.
-Time spent sitting on babies, getting money and all that joy.
-The newly started time spent working in the theater as more or less, a carpenter.

This last bit started on Tuesday. I have been doing some maintenance, organizing and all that good stuff. Today I spent four hours in the sun, plasma arc cutting a 20" chunk of steel framing into pick up bed sized chunks. Plasma arc cutting is fun. Pick up beds are fun. The rest wasn't. Did I mention it was leaking wasps? They made homes inside the framing and then got angry when I sprayed wasp killing foam at them, followed by burning their nests with plasma... arcs.

Anywho! This is what I wore to burn wasps. I tried to combine the kick ass carpenting clothes with the "Look, I'm a pretty girl with fluffy pink hair!" look. Plus, if you hadn't noticed, I've got pink laces with little stars on my Doc Martians (they're just out of this world.)

Le Mer

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A package from home.

             My mother is quite lovely. Since leaving for college two and a smidge years ago (Egads has it really been that long?!) she has always sent me the most wonderful care packages. The reason I love her packages so much is they are filled with random trinkets and the most excellent bits and bobs. When I was visiting home last, I forgot my watch there, so today I received a package with the watch, a few other things I'd forgotten and lots of fun treasures. 
Handmade card, Allison Kraus and Union Station CD, O Brother Where Art Thou? DVD, Kinetic hand book, Kinetic trading cards, Pink ribbon, Trinkets, A postcard from a friend and my Watch.

A close up of the trinkets. Three different earring hooks, two pearls and a pendant. 

Also in the trinkets, a small barbie tea cup, that I affixed to a necklace.

I've tried when I send packages to present them similarly, with fun additions and pretty packaging. I think I've done a pretty good job thus far.
Le Mer.