Friday, June 8, 2012

Space Pirates

Ooh! I'm on a roll, three posts, three days in a row!

Now on to better things. Today, I was a space pirate. I swashbuckled, dremmel'd and utilized aerosol cans. 'Twas pretty epic.

The two things that influence me most when I'm getting dressed is this- will I be working in the shop and/or will I be sitting on children (specifically babies.. cause you know.. I'm a babysitter.) And therefor do my clothing choices have to provide a large range of motion, ability to prevent things from injuring me, quick access to running and small chance of accidental exposure of those things a child probably should not see.

Now as I debated these things this morning I came to the conclusion I did not have to be child appropriate (no nannying for me today!) and I would be doing mostly sitting and painting in the shop. So this outfit was born. As I got dressed I thought 'Should I reeeally wear the uberly short skirt with the belly exposing shirt at the same time. Is this toooo much?' Then I realized I looked rather awesome and should just roll with it.

<3 Merr.

P.S. What's a space pirate's favorite coffee?


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nail polish is beautiful. Nail polish is fine. I like nail polish, I wear it all the time! 
Its kinda true. About a year ago when I was working at the usual summer camp, I was getting really bored with having to wear the same camp t shirt every day and having no fun clothing options. Some of the other instructors had started doing fun nail art as a way of self expression when clothing fun wasn't an option, so I joined in. Since then I believe my nails haven't left a state of decorated since. Sometimes its a plain color with a few polka dots or a little heart on one finger, sometimes fancy patterns or designs. 

Today I attempted the oh-so-popular galaxy nails.

I started with a dark blue base. Then I sponged on a few layers of light green, shiny yellow and some blueish purple. With a paperclip tip I dotted on gold and white, then I finished with a coat of teal glitter and a clear coat. 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Well then.

Here I am again. I exist, I swear.
Just to prove it, here is what I wore today!

Rieker leather boots- They're wool lined, so I'm trying to get my last wears in before its much too hot this summer. I got lucky with a cold day today.
Decemberists Tee-Shirt- I saw them for my birthday in high school and there for have this tee shirt. 
Black swishy sweater thing- Naked ladies parties can get you some good things (well, not always) but I got this thing. 
Leggings- are leggings.

Also, here is my bento ( I was silly and just ate it at home, cause I didn't have to be at school all day.)

Annies mac and cheese.
chocolate covered espresso beans
honey sesame almonds
carrot sticks. 

urm. tada!