Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Fact Friday

Egads, how did it get to be friday again? I guess after being grumpy and sick the beginning of the week, the end came pretty quickly.

1. I'm getting mixed feelings about my new job. On one hand its awesome to be employed and making money, plus I really needed something to do outside of school and my house. Now that the weather is getting nicer I'm excited to start going on walks more with a bit of hiking thrown in. But for now a job is a good thing to keep me occupied. On the other hand I'm exhausted all the time and never feel motivated to clean my own house. I'm hoping after this weekend my body will catch up and it won't be too tiring anymore.

2. I just remembered its my roommate's birthday in a week and I'm excited. Ginger, we will have all the most excellent adventures.

3. I cleaned off my desk today for the first time in months! Its beautiful. I guess I should clean off the dining room table next, which I've kind of taken over as my desk space.

4. I presented something in my sign language class today as a quiz. I'd been absent the class before and had been worried about presenting it right. Of course I went first, so I didn't know if I was doing the correct format or not. I wasn't too nervous, but everyone else in the class seemed to be freaking out! The prof ended up throwing out the quiz because he felt he hadn't prepared us enough for it.

5. I'm so glad the weather is getting slightly warmer because I can make smoothies again! They're a favorite breakfast of mine, but when its cold out I have no desire for them. I've had a few this week and they are oh so tasty. Also, fruit salad. Its never something I think to make, but its pretty damn good.


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Anonymous said...

A smoothie would be very nice right now, but you are right in cold weather I do not like them, when it warms up it is a perfect drink!
Have a nice weekend.