Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Exchange


A few weeks ago I joined up in this awesome Valentine Blogging Party! We were all partnered up with another blogger to send a Valentine's Day gift to.


I was paired with the lovely Holli over at From Paris With Love

She read that my New Years resolution was to start baking more, so she sent me a wonderful baking package!

Included were...
-Heart silicon molds
-Valentine's cupcake cups and toppers
-Heart (giant) cookie decorating kit
-Cookie cutters (shaped like hearts of course)
And a cute card!

I'm so excited to use all these adorable things. I'm thinking of using the giant cookie kit this weekend and perhaps the cupcake cups for a Valentine's Day potluck I'm attending. 

Cute card. 
I'm kind of in love with silicon baking things...

Thanks so much Holli! I hope you enjoy your gift too. :)

Here is Holli's post about what I sent her.

La Mer


Holli said...

Glad you enjoyed! I just realized reading your blog that my treats were made with the silicon molds! How fun! Thanks so much! I look forward to continue reading your blog!

Megan Colwell said...

What an AWESOME IDEA! A very thoughtful gift.

Amelia Burke-Holt said...

I've got a few individual heart silicon molds, but I mostly use them for backing lunches (great food separators) I'm excited to have a full sheet now. :)