Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just another day of the year.

I am a fan of valentines day.

Even if I've got nothing special planned or don't have someone to celebrate it with at the time, I generally like the feel in the air around that time.

But something I'm not a fan of? People who put down the holiday.

I think this is because people are displaying that they are angry about seeing other people happy. And its not the "hate seeing other people happy" part that I get grumpy about. Its the displaying it part. (Now is when I'm feeling a bit hypocritical for posting this.)

I suppose my opinion is that if you really hate valentines day so much and want nothing to do with it, perhaps you should just ignore it and avoid it, instead of wallowing in it.

Don't post about how much you hate the holiday. Don't show off how you're going to eat a tub of ice cream by yourself in protest. Just pretend it doesn't exist. Its just another day of the year.

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Megan Colwell said...

Staying positive is always the best option. :)