Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A style, of late.

I'm quite good at disappearing, have you noticed? I know I still owe you some more awesome set building information and pictures of the real set. But I don't have em yet. So for now...

I wanted to mention that I think the 50's were pretty nifty. Primarily the fashion. I've always loved long wool skirts and cardigans. Lately I've actually been wearing some of the skirts and cardigans I've got, rather than just admiring them from time to time. Since I have been working on a show, I mostly wear shop clothes. But with the show open I've got a bit more freedom in my attire.  Recently I was at a clothing exchange party and picked up a few new skirts too.

Valentine's Day

Yesterday for a day of errands.

These were the two new skirts I got at the clothing exchange. They're pretty spifftastic. 

I also wore an awesome outfit on my birthday. No vintage skirt but I did wear a sweater that was my grandmother's in the 50's. It was passed down to my mother and then to me. 

This was the inspiration for my birthday outfit.
I think I came pretty close.

La Mer.


Tabetha Garman said...

You look so cool! I covet that vest & that plaid skirt is smashing-- love the waist detail.
I tend to fluctuate between the 70's & the 50's (and the '70's does the 50's'-- its an infinite fashion loop). The way the clothes are cut are just so flattering.

Noel Marie said...

Hey happily following along, came across your blog from the giveaway on Closet Intellectual! :))