Sunday, November 11, 2012

Seattle and there abouts.

I've been trying to figure a blog post to write. Something other than, this is what I wore today, and finally I remembered I can tell the world (who doesn't actually read this blog) about my adventures in the previous weekend. 

The premise of this trip up north was to attend a ball, celebrating the 237th birthday of the Marine Corps, to which my significant other is currently part of. It required bribing friends, Amtrak, Greyhound, ferries, sleeping on friend's floors and figuring out how to ride in a taxi, but I do believe it was quite worth it. 

I woke up at some ungodly hour (no god I know gets up that early, not that I know many gods.) And a very handy friend who I owe many favors to gave me a ride to Klamath Falls to the Amtrak station. The ride up was so comfortable and the first hour was filled with beautiful views of Mt. McLaughlin. 

I drank some coffee, watched some movies and ate a decent lunch in the dining car. Finally got into Seattle at around 9 where I spent the night at another wonderful friend's apartment. 
In the morning it was across the sound on a ferry to meet up with my favorite person in the world.
The ball itself was later that night, so let me tell you about what I wore.

I bought a fancy shmancy dress. There was a bit of research as to what sort of dress to wear. There are some handy blogs out there that will tell you exactly what to wear, or more often then not, what not to wear. Too shiny, too much skin, not floor length, that kind of thing. One thing highly suggested to those worried about color (and egads to I ever worry about color) was to choose a dress that would match the dress blues (navy, black, white or maroon). I ended up finding a lovely navy blue dress at a consignment store, and my mother tracked down some beautiful shoes on Etsy that she ordered for me. 

The dress is One Clothing and the shoes Garolini
I also wore a vintage, black, velvet cape that I believe used to be my Grandmother's. 
By the way, I had hair when purchasing the dress, I wont in future pictures. But that's for another post. 

The ball itself was lots of introductions, smiling and nodding, standing up and sitting down. To counteract this odd combination of things I began to analyze people's handshakes. Primarily the men's that is. I could sadly predict the conclusion of analyzing women's handshakes before hand (ah ha.. ha... Sorry.)  So for men I broke it down into three categories, which surprisingly came out fairly even in results. Good, strong handshakes, decent, medium pressure handshakes, and the unfortunate "you're a woman so I won't bother putting any effort into this" really weak, floppy handshake. As before stated, they came out about even with one third of the handshakes I received being each type. 

Now the obligatory cute pictures.

It was a pretty good deal. 
The following two days were full of adventures, a major city for each. Saturday we spent poking about Seattle, primarily the Seattle Art Museum. 
This was my favorite painting, unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the artist/title. 

We poked about an amazing little bookstore- Left Bank Books. I think I'm in love. I just want to live in their Gender/Sexuality section. Due to lack of money I bought no books, but this little patch couldn't help but follow me home. 

Sunday was spent in Portland (from where I was catching the Greyhound back home.) We went to Ikea. It was beautiful. I love Ikea. A lot. 
I didn't take many pictures. But I do have documentation of my father's favorite "Swedish Festive Drink" which is a soda flavored with hops, as well as the best product name in the world, the "Pugg".

Side note of distracted-ness. In the "Pugg" picture you can catch a glimpse of my nails. Navy blue with silver moons at the top. a repeat of something I did last month but with gold and a matte top coat.

Anywho, how was your weeknd?

-La Mer

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