Thursday, January 3, 2013

To Start The New Year: My trick for getting things done.

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I by no means get as many things done as I'd like. There is always a desire to be more organized, accomplish more and be less stressed, but I do have one little trick for accomplishing quite a bit more than I would otherwise.

I've used this idea at many points in my life when I felt I had too much on my plate or was having trouble finding the motivation to do what I should do and not be a lazy bum all the time.

This past summer I was working mid morning until mid afternoon. This got me into the schedule of getting up late, going to work and then being lazy all evening. Clearly not the most productive way to go about things, I realized it was time to wake up (literally) and start feeling like my days were worth while.

My trick? Getting up early. I'm naturally a morning person, but staying up late and watching movies or doing nothing much on the internet is often so tempting that I end up sleeping in. Of course the problem with this is then I wake up in time to get ready for class/work and not for anything else.

I usually wake up two hours before I've got to be anywhere- time to get dressed, have a comfortable breakfast, check my email and walk to school. Accomplish everything I need to do before class/work and not need to rush too much. But if I can do those things and not be too rushed, why not get up an hour or two  earlier and be able to do things in the morning too? So now I try to wake up about 4 hours before I've got to be somewhere (usually about 6) which gives me time to clean up the kitchen, write a blog post, do some homework and things like that.

Most things I do in the mornings are things I'd otherwise hope to do after class, but am often too tired and unmotivated to do. But in the mornings I'm rearing and ready to go!

The one downside of this plan (as my roommate may be able to attest) is being too loud in the kitchen and potentially waking up others. Sorry Ginger and Patrick! I try to keep it down but sometimes I'm get so focused on the dishes and don't realize how loud the clink-clink can get.

Are you a morning, or an evening person? Whats the most productive time in your day?

La Mer


Dree Getz said...

I am stopping by from the Blart Blog Hop.

I'm an evening person. I get things done when everyone else is sleeping.

Megan said...

Cute blog - Found you through the Blog Hop! I am also a new follower. Can't wait to see more of what you do!