Thursday, January 31, 2013

Delightfully Inspiring

I'm on a roll here, I did you notice? I've gotten a post out every day since Sunday.

For today I'm joining in the Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party!

So here are a few things that are inspiring me right now.

I've been thinking a bit about bottle caps. I've got a large jar of them that have been collecting in my kitchen (hooray for a roommate who often drinks beer!) and now need something to do with them.

I occasionally back my pins with them. 

But want a quick little project that focuses on the cap more.

I could make candles out of them. (Etsy)
Perhaps a wind chime? (DIY)

I'll probably end up putting images in them and turning them into pins, magnets and earrings. (Ehow)

What would you do with bottle caps?

La Mer

1 comment:

bettyl said...

I love what you did with them!! Great imagination.