Saturday, January 12, 2013

A tasty resolution.

I've think I've finally found a new years resolution.

Besides the various -ations I've discussed already (motivation, inspiration, organization.)

I want to actually learn how to bake.

I've always assumed I knew how to bake. I mean, following recipes, how hard could it be?

But lately since I've actually been modifying recipies (making them vegan or subbing for ingrediants I have) or doing recipies off of blogs instead of cookbooks (a bit less reliable...) I've been having worse luck. Textures are wrong, tastes come out strange. Its not terrible, but I'd like to make it better.

Another thing I think that leads to this is my imperfection when it comes to measuring. I may strive for perfection in other things of my life, but not measuring ingredients- a habit I will try to fix.

Today I made some cookies to trade for a friend helping move some furniture in his truck. I took a regular sugar cookie recipe and changed it to be vegan. I subbed soy milk for cow milk, earth balance for butter and 1 tbs soy flour+1 tbs water for an egg.

The problems I encountered were a very crumbly dough (which I was able to work with eventually) and the cookie turned out a bit bland, and quite crunchy. (I may owe my friend a second batch of cookies.)

The best thing about these cookies though? Mustaches!

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