Monday, December 31, 2012

Thoughts on the New Year: Motivation

One of my goals in the new year is to find motivation and not get stuck in lazy slumps.

I greatly dislike when I get to a particularly busy part of the term and think "Why didn't I do all of this earlier? Was I too busy?" and proceed to realize I had just been being lazy up til then.

So this year I hope to fix that, with better scheduling, planning and use of my time.

This winter term in particular is going to be a good challenge of that. This will be the first show I have Technical Directed at this school and I am swamped with organizational whatsits at the moment. Everywhere I turn there are schedules, budgets, materials lists, drafts.

 So if I can keep that up- and add a bit of that organization to my real life, in school and out of it, I'll be golden. I hope that if things are all laid out for me, the motivation will come naturally. Things are so much more appealing if they are easy, right?

I've got a secret too, the Mellow Fellow secret of getting things done. That will be my first post of the new year though. :)

I hope your year has been lovely,
La Mer.

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