Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thoughts on the New Year: Insperation

With the year coming to an end I thought a bit of reflection and thoughts for the new year would be in order.

I've always had quite a bit of frustration with inspiration. I find I go through quite a lot of it in my life, and sometimes replenishing that store is not as easy as I would like.

There are little things all over the place that bring me joy and remind me about the beauty that can be found in the strangest of places. Come to think of it I waxed a bit a few months ago on that exact subject.

What frustrates me more is of course, any time I want inspiration right now. When I'm sitting in front of a blank page, ready to go and draw a blank. I is this moment that scares me most when I think of going into some sort of creative field.

I've always planned on doing something creative, whether it be painting, sculpture, teaching art or design. The original plan was to focus on art, but I worried about losing focus and the frustration that may come as a of lacking inspiration.

I ended up in theater, designing and constructing sets, a task I've found to be a good compromise of sculpture and a large chunk of logic. The logic keeps me sane and the challenge of being asked to design something with certain parameters can be a wonderful challenge.

The trouble I have been running into is this; the creative demands of set design tend to be spread out, and technical direction requires a fair bit of creative thinking but not direct creativity.

Now the point to all this, because there must be one somewhere, is that I've been hunting for ways to augment the creative demands I am put under through school. A few things I've been up to have been...

-Crafting, which can be found for sale on my Etsy, as well as a local shop Three Penny Mercantile.
-Decorating the ever fluctuating house, and perfecting my new bedroom.
- Painting a bit, when I have the time.

Things I hope to spend time doing in the future...
-Expand my crafting. I hope to soon obtain a shop in the local Artisan's Emporium.
-Continue painting. More often, more subjects.
-Get back graffiti. I'd done some stickering a few months ago, but I'd like to experiment with wheat pasting as well.
-Of course continue organizing and decorating my home.

Hopefully these things, keeping organized, doing art and the like will keep me inspired. I am looking forward to getting a start on all this creativity!

Do you have any plans for the new year? Maybe some excellent projects to work on...

-La Mer

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