Friday, December 28, 2012

Forgetfulness and Crayons

I'm forgetful and keep not taking enough instagram pictures. Today was a lovely day, but I've only got one picture in addition to my words to tell you about it.

Delightful doodles.

This morning I met up with a few friends from high school. We chatted over coffee and afterwards perused some of the near by consignment shops. I didn't come across any wonderful finds today, but my friend purchaced a wonderful New Years dress, full of sparkle.

As we wandered back towards our bicycles we caught a whiff of American Dream (some of the most fantastic pizza in the world) and were compelled (quite literally) to pop in for a slice. We chose one of the tables with paper on it so we could doodle. We ended up with some lovely dragons, whales, pregnant kangaroos with pockets and snails.

In the end I did find a few purchases at goodwill, all for my upcoming New Years Eve costume. Perhaps this time I'll make sure to document a costume before, and not after the party.


La Mer

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