Monday, December 3, 2012

Comfy Cozy Finals Week.

I've got something exciting planned. And I'm excited for it. Are you excited?
But since I had this exciting idea in the begining of finals week, and don't actually have time to start it (other than the half a post I already wrote this morning), here is my outfit in the mean time.

Its cold lately, and I'm lazy. The past three-ish days have been compiled of moving (more to come later) and doing homework, so comfy/warm clothes have been the thing to wear.

So here are some comfy cozy things I decided to wear today.
Blazer- Goodwill. Part of an awesome skirtsuit set.
Sweater- Passed on from Ginger last night at the laundromat.
Skirt- An awesome flouncy thing I probably got at some second hand store somewhere.
Boots- The infamous Riker boots.
Hat- My most favorite shirt sleeve beenie. I've been wearing it non stop for like a week. My bald little head gets cold!
Jewelry- A leathery/pearly thing from a clothing swap party. A goddess from OCF and my "Super Beekeeper" pin- from a childhood board game.
Nails- Its been done before. Both ORLY colors. Minty tips with a gold ring finger.

I hope you're keeping cozy and warm, and surviving finals if you've got them.
Le Mer.

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