Monday, December 24, 2012

Button Box

I'm quite a fan of buttons, in fact I have these three boxes full of em.
I got these boxes last summer at a garage sale, and I was thoroughly excited as I'd been wanting to add to the few I had floating around my trinket jars.

Excuse the coffee stains.

They are, of course, organized quite well by color.

White, clear, black, grey and metallic for the first.
Brown, blue and green for the next.
And lastly red, pink, yellow, orange and purple.

What do I do with all of these buttons? There have been various projects here and there that I've failed to document. The longer lasting of those being my phone case, which I encrusted with many a button. (I stripped them all off this past week as they were chipping, and rather bulky.)

But my primary project with these buttons has been making hair clips.
A few I put together so far over break.

I could say oodles about these hair clips, and since that is the case I think I'll hold off until another post to go further into them. But you know, if you're really interested you should just pop over to my Etsy and have a look.

In the days of living with parents there was always the awesome button jar sitting above the laundry room sink, full of a wonderful collection of vintage, replacement and odd buttons

I'ts got many lovely treasures.

Do you have a button collection? What all have you made with them?

La Mer

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