Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 5- ripping out walls.

Saturday I had a lazy day but Sunday I was determined to get some good bus work done. I had a goal of getting off the metal on the interior of the walls and celing. Once I got those off I would be able to see more about the state of the insulation and framing of the bus. The framing info is particularly useful so ican start planning how to raise the roof.

The walls and roof are attached with pop rivits. To remove them I just started drilling in the center until the metal ring popped off. I went around and did all the rivits on the walls and was able to rip the metal right off. Underneath was a bunch of pink, fiberglass insulation. I debated a moment or two keeping the insulation. It wasn't too beat up. Maybe it's something I could have researched more about what other skoolie folks have done, but just went with the decision that this insulation was 24 years old and ready for the trash. 

When I went to start drilling out the roof's rivits I realized the bolts from the roof railing were going all the way through the roof, so I would need to remove it to remove the interior roof. I got most of the nuts off with an impact driver and went up to the roof to get the old bolts out. A few just spun when I tried to get the nuts off. It would have been helpful to have a second person on the roof to hold those bolts still, but after working on another project for a bit I realized I could just cut the nuts off with a grinder. The railing needed a few good wacks to come off the roof once the bolts were out. There was calking around the bolts to keep them waterproof which also kept it pretty well glued to the roof.

So I didn't get to the interior roof, but with the detour of taking off the railing I think I had a pretty productive day. Maybe sometime this week/end if I can wrangle my silent partner into helping I'll get that roof off. 

Hey look I'm caught up on blogging!

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Taby Jean said...

I can't wait to see how this project continues-- really cool stuff!!