Wednesday, April 15, 2015

day 4-introductions and planning

Day four is a short one in bus land. I showed off the bus to a few friends from work and told then about my plans. And then after work sat in the bus and made a list of the tasks I hope to get done in the next week or so. I was waiting for my silent partner to get off work and it was hot in the bus so I slipped way to gets beer and write some blog stuff (where I am now!) and now I think of it I left the windows open in the bus cause of how hot it was... When my silent partner gets off work I'll be giving him a tour of the bus. Let's hope he isn't scared off by how small it is. In hoping he and I can talk over the list of work I want to do and make a plan.

Here is the list I made. 

-remove the interior walls and ceilings. Once removed I'll be able to remove the old insulation and take a peek at how it is framed so I can plan how to raise the roof. 

-remove a few other interior things leftover from it's life as a real bus and/or as a burner bus. 

-replace the sections of rotten plywood on the floor. 

-deal with the rust on the floor under the rotten plywood. This could involve wire-wheeling off the rust then painting the metal or removing the metal compleatly. 

I'm hoping some/most of these things can happen this weekend. We shall see how it goes. 


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