Monday, April 6, 2015

corvallis bus.

The bus has made it to Corvallis! 

This weekend my dad and uncle took an adventurous trip over the pass to Bend where the bus has lived until now. They did a few repairs to it, spent the night in the previous owner's house then headed out in the morning! The repairs they did included cleaning the wires for the turn signals so they would make contact, covering the holes in the roof and replacing the windshield wipers.  Here is a list (compiled by my wonderful father) of what still needs some attention before I drive south next weekend. 

 * The temporary plexiglas cover we put on the roof broke off
 * A few other holes in the roof from some previously attached things do leak a bit of water in on the driver if it's raining (ask me how I know!)
 * Seat belt doesn't "catch" if you give it a sharp tug, so probably not so useful
 * Horn button gone (but you can short out the two connections for the horn with a piece of metal to make it honk!)
 * Alternator
 * It leaked radiator fluid out of around the water pump, so maybe new pump and gasket
 * Some kind of lock for the back door where the wheelchair lift used to be

Not knowing what quirks would show up on the road we were prepared to call the previous owner to use his AAA should trouble arise. The battery did die along the way, seems the alternator isn't keeping it charged so the precious owner met up with my dad to give it a jump and they were on their way!

I'll be making my way to Oregon on Thursday (by plane) to spend time wth my family and then the bus and I shall make our way to California! (My dad may come too) 


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