Friday, January 9, 2015


While planning out this bus building business, I am primarily planning around the month and a half of time between festivals I will have this summer. I will finish my fellowship (current job/housing arrangement) and be going straight to working on my set for the Oregon Country Fair. Construction for Fair takes about two weeks and then there is nothing but bus until Burning Man in late August!

Looking at other bus's construction and schedules, a month and a half seems like nowhere near enough time. Many folks take a year or more to do their buses. So beyond the fact that a month and a half is the amount of time that happens to occur between Fair and Burning Man, here is why I am confident in this length of time.

-My background is in planning, scheduling and budgeting construction. I will be planning my month and a half out as to maximize all of my resources.
-I am planning my construction in stages based on need. Would beautiful built in cupboards be nice to start out my life in the bus? yes. Are they necessary? no. I want to use this month and a half to make the bus livable, and then work on making it pretty. 
-I can totally keep working on it after Burning Man! I don't have a set plan for next fall, I am however assuming I should be looking for a job by then and won't be working on the bus full time. 

So I guess that isn't quite as cool as a conclusion. The reason I know I can build it in a month and a half is because I won't be building the whole thing in a month and a half. But I think the key here is that I am going to make it livable in a month and a half. I want to think of this bus as an ever evolving thing. I guess just like decorating your home. You don't expect to move into a new house and have everything be perfectly decorated. Sure you may do some initial painting or repairs before moving in, but you're expecting to work with the space for some time to get it right.

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