Thursday, November 13, 2014

new project.

I start a lot of projects that I don't finish, this blog is a good documentation of that. I've got an etsy I don't update anymore (though I'm hoping to change that), I post here in random non specific intervals, I've got a yoga mat I rarely use and countless other abandoned things.

Well, I've got another project and this time I'm determined to see it through. It will be a rather large commitment. I'm talking about a 45' long, 10,000 pound commitment.

I want to buy a school bus.

The last few months I've been going crazy for tiny houses. I always thought they were cute, and after watching the documentary Tiny (you can watch it on netflix!) I was sold. I got some kick ass books about tiny houses from the bookstore and kicked up my pinning another notch.

Looking at where my life is going right now I feel like I've got the perfect opportunity to actually make this crazy dream come true, so I'm going to take it. Currently I'm doing a fellowship that includes an okay stipend and free housing so while I'm not making a lot of money I'm able to save a bit and not worry about housing for a year. In addition to this, next summer I've got a month and a half between my two other homes (Oregon Country Fair and Burning Man) to do whatever I want and it sounds like the perfect time to start a big crazy project.

Since I've got a bit of time before my anticipated build next summer I am going to be using this time for research (oh so much research), planning, saving money and getting everything ready so come July I can hit the ground running.

So be prepared guys, this blog may be turning into a bus blog.

Much love,

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Ethelrose said...

At first I thought you were adopting a whale when you described your next project. So maybe you should paint your bus like a whale! Just a thought and good luck on this whale of a project. Sorry:0