Saturday, November 1, 2014


Well, happy belated Halloween everyone.

One fun thing about my new job is we sometimes have some spare time in the day when we can work on our personal projects. Round Halloween time that mostly meant working on our costumes!

So, about the costume. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and have made a handful of HP related costumes in the past such as...
Dobby and Winky- at a New Years costume party.

Draco Malfoy for 'fictional character day' at my old summer camp. Pardon the expression on my face...

A Quidditch player at the same camp for 'sports day'.

This year since I was hoping to dye my hair pink again soon, I decided to dress as Tonks!

I am sadly lacking in a good ootd taking spot right now, hence the cut off feet.

Since I was able to build a few things for my costume at work, I went ahead and added some extra bits to go with the clothes I already had and the pink hair.

First I made a wand, because what Witch is complete without a wand. I remembered a professor in college telling me how he made a bunch of wands for his daughter's Harry Potter themed birthday party (her name was also Amelia!) and tried out the technique he had used. 

The next thing I decided to make was a pig nose. Since Tonks is a Metamorphmagus (can change her appearance at will) and has been known to dawn a pig nose on occasion, I thought it was only fitting I had one too. I sculpted my nose out of cardstock and masking tape, then gave it a good paint job. Lastly I added elastic (unfortunately we were out of white) and a nose ring, so it would match my nose!

My Order of the Phoenix patch was thrown together at the end of the day with a bit of spare time. I drew up a little phoenix symbol on red felt and stitched it onto black felt, then onto my jacket it went!

And that is that! I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween!

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