Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Well then.

Here I am again. I exist, I swear.
Just to prove it, here is what I wore today!

Rieker leather boots- They're wool lined, so I'm trying to get my last wears in before its much too hot this summer. I got lucky with a cold day today.
Decemberists Tee-Shirt- I saw them for my birthday in high school and there for have this tee shirt. 
Black swishy sweater thing- Naked ladies parties can get you some good things (well, not always) but I got this thing. 
Leggings- are leggings.

Also, here is my bento ( I was silly and just ate it at home, cause I didn't have to be at school all day.)

Annies mac and cheese.
chocolate covered espresso beans
honey sesame almonds
carrot sticks. 

urm. tada! 

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