Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nail polish is beautiful. Nail polish is fine. I like nail polish, I wear it all the time! 
Its kinda true. About a year ago when I was working at the usual summer camp, I was getting really bored with having to wear the same camp t shirt every day and having no fun clothing options. Some of the other instructors had started doing fun nail art as a way of self expression when clothing fun wasn't an option, so I joined in. Since then I believe my nails haven't left a state of decorated since. Sometimes its a plain color with a few polka dots or a little heart on one finger, sometimes fancy patterns or designs. 

Today I attempted the oh-so-popular galaxy nails.

I started with a dark blue base. Then I sponged on a few layers of light green, shiny yellow and some blueish purple. With a paperclip tip I dotted on gold and white, then I finished with a coat of teal glitter and a clear coat. 


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