Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Hey y'all,
I'm sorry I'm such a lazy blogger. Life has kind of taken over, not that I'm up to much besides the same old working and hanging out in coffee shops. Apparently that is just taking up a lot of my time. Also other things/people that I'm not talking about.

I celebrated my birthday. That's being busy, right?

To the point, let me give you a bus work update. I'm still working out when the bus will actually be making it's way down to California, probably sometime at the end of this month. The bus will be momentarily be returning to its current owners so they can use it to transport some large things out to Burning Man, so I won't be doing any house-y modifications to it just yet, but there are plenty of structural things I can get going on in the mean time. Order of operations will most likely be to clean it up and deal with any rust that may be plaguing it. Next will be to cut the roof off! I've been told its a fairly low roof and a bit uncomfortable for those above medium height, so I'm pretty sure I'll be chopping the roof off and re attaching it a bit taller. Lucky for me I've got a nice big metal shop at my disposal down here in Berkeley. After that I'll be doing all the insulation, paneling and floor for the interior, leaving me a nice blank and ready to fill slate inside. Also on the agenda is a new and fancy paint job which hopefully wont be ruined by the playa.

In other bus related news, I've been trying really hard to start downsizing my stuff. I guess I've been trying since I left Ashland last year and realized that I had a lot of stuff to move across half a state. Then moving down to Berkeley I had to downsize even more! So while I've still got a lot of stuff, I'm not doing horribly. I picked up this book...

I'm only a bit into it, but I'm not sure I'll finish it so let me tell you what I think now. The strategy is solid. The book got me thinking about what I should get rid of and how to decide what isn't worth holding onto and what is. After sitting down and reading a chapter or two I was itching to get back home and start throwing stuff away. 

Downside, its badly written and wastes so much time telling irrelevant personal stories which I think is raaather silly. 

Now that I'm being more serious about getting rid of stuff I'm thinking about how to get rid of stuff. When I left college I regretted not having a garage sale. I got rid of so much and ended up putting most of it on the curb or giving to goodwill.

Segway. I love things for free on the curb. I've gotten so many great things on the curb and totally believe in putting things out for others to have. I totally think all those things I put out when I left college (they were some really nice things) earned me some great curb karma because I've been finding awesome things ever since. 

Ok, back to my debate. I got rid of so much cool stuff that I wish I had had a garage sale. I could have at least made a bit of money back from all my stuff. Conclusion, I should have a garage sale during my downsize to the bus. Hindrance of the conclusion, I don't want to wait and collect things, I want to get rid of them now! Solution. I'm not really sure. At the moment I'm just collecting what I can. Maybe the stuff I have in Berkeley that I want to get rid of will go to the curb/goodwill but I'll have a garage sale with stuff I've got in Oregon. 

Thanks for putting up with my rambling. 



Tim H said...

Maybye you can teach your parents a few things ;)

Tim H said...

*maybe :P