Tuesday, March 17, 2015

would you look at that bus.

Hello bus following people,

I'm sorry as usual for not posting more. For someone who is into blogging I'm pretty bad at blogging.

My exciting news today is that my dad wen't out and took some pictures and measurements of the bus last weekend! He wasn't able to drive it away because of some insurance complications but soon he will drive it back to their house to be followed by driving it down to me!

But first, here are some things on my mind.

  • Looking at the pictures and getting the measurements I'm realizing how tiny this bus is. Remember that layout I did a few months ago for a bus that was almost too small, its about that small. The bus is longer than that bus (13.5' interior as compared to a 10' interior) however it is skinnier (5'11" compared to 7'.) This will mean a few changes in layout and a nice cozy bus, but I'll make it work!

  • I'm so excited to have the bus here! We're in a super busy point at work and I'm hoping it will all calm down by the time it (and my parents) get here so I can have time to spend with all of them. I've had such a wonderful response from the folks I work with (thanks work folks!) and it sounds like I'll have a few helping hands when it comes time for bus work. 

  • The bus will be making its trip to Burning Man with its previous owner, so I will need to make it become a blank slate again come August. My plan with that is to go ahead and do the roof raise, new paint job and insulating the inside like usual and then begin to build the interior but make sure it is all easily removable. 
Anywho, picture time!

Pre bumper stickered, always a good thing. Plus lots of OCF parking passes!

Oh yes, the interior is furry. 

My wonderful father illustrating how low the head clearance is inside the bus.

The bus in all it's (short) glory!

Bus bus bus,


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