Tuesday, February 10, 2015

yellow bus.

I am sad to say purple bus was not the bus for me. After losing in on Monday I re scoured the internet for my next bus option and low and behold there was another great bus waiting for me in Eugene. I don't want to get my hopes up too incredibly much but things are all looking good for this bus.

-Its located closer to where I am visiting in Oregon.
-Its slightly larger than purple bus- a better size for me.
-The owner has been working well with me to get more pictures and info about the bus.
-Its exactly the price I want!

-It needs a few parts replaced, they are not very difficult ones though and I may even be able to do it myself with some help from a friend.
-It has a lot of miles on it already. As another friend told me though- if its made it this far...
-There isn't a lot of info on the ad at the moment, but the owner seems very willing to work with me.

Soo next step, my dad and a good friend will go check it out for me this week. I'll be up in Oregon this weekend and will check it out myself. If all goes well I will drive it back to California on Monday! I possibly have a friend who would drive back with me, but my dad has also offered to drive with me, which would be all kinds of wonderful.

I know. I'm a crazy bus lady. ;)


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