Saturday, February 7, 2015

portland bus.

Folks have been asking me lately what the bus update is and I've been sadly replying 'none.' Since the last round of buses I found online there haven't been many good buses available plus I lost some steam after having the buses I wanted not pan out. But I am happy to say the universe has provided a few new bus options and my enthusiasm is back!

I've got a three day weekend coming up and since it is birthday month for me and my mom I figure I'll go up and visit my parents for the weekend. My mom also hinted that I should look at some buses while I was Oregon bound. Low and behold there is an adorable little bus up in Beaverton that is in my price range and has no problems! With this steam I also poked around at new buses in my area, and there were a few. All with some problems, but its worth the debate about distance (gas money) vs fixing things money. I've got a feeling gas money is my preference tough. 

I did some math to see how much it would cost to drive a bus from Portland to Berkeley. Its about 625 miles all total according to the Google. It tells me that it is a 9.5 hour drive, I'd been leaning more towards 11 hours though. Maybe one could make it in 9.5 if you're driving fast and not stopping, logically though I would be driving slow and stopping here and there. The bus I am looking at is diesel. I'm using $2.80 as a gas price, because its a bit higher than what is for sale no, so you know, if prices go up next week or if regional differences make that much difference, I'm rounded up. A lot of buses have between 10-15 mpg. I am going to use 10 mpg, again so its rounded up. 

So that is 625 miles, divided by 10 mpg, multiplied by $2.80 per gallon. That my friends is only $175! I totally don't mind paying that much to get a bus from Portland to Berkeley. All that driving will be a pain. I don't mind doing it all myself but what I'd really like is a companion to keep me company. I may have a friend coming with me to Oregon, but is not a for sure yet. 

The cost of fixing stuff in other buses is tricky. I just see myself getting stuck paying way more than I want to get a bus working. No fun. So as of now if this Portland bus doesn't pan out I'll look more into these other buses, but for now its Portland bus all the way.

So more about the Portland bus! Its a shorty, shorter than the shorties I've been looking at so far. I saw a bus on the street that looks to be the same bus as the Portland bus, looking at the size I think it is doable, but it will be tight. I may be reconsidering a full bed, it might have to be a twin for now. I'm also thinking of how to downsize the bathroom even more. If I get this bus I'll figure it out though!

Next thing about the Portland bus, its bright purple. Not my ideal, but still cute! It was previously owned by a daycare, so its also got flowers and frogs and other cute things on it. I've been thinking of a grey/blue color scheme for the outside of my bus, but maybe I can work out something with purple...

I called the owner on Thursday, he had two people interested who were going to look at it this weekend (one Saturday one Sunday) I told him I would call back Monday to see if it was still there. Fingers crossed! If it is still there on Monday I will ask him if he will hold it until I can visit on Sunday (maaaaybe Saturday morning if I have to) If this isn't the case I have some friends in Portland who may have agreed to do a scouting mission for me so if necessary I can tell the guy that yes, I will buy it, and I will pick it up on Sunday. 

The next step for all of this is looking into registration and insurance so its actually legal for me to drive it from the top of Oregon to the middle of California. That however, is for another post.


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