Wednesday, December 10, 2014

wet bathrooms.

Such an inspiring title, I know.

I took a moment to reflect the other day and realized I have become a person who gets excited discussing composting toilets. This was in the middle of the week I spent with my parents where I talked about very little that was not to do with buses.

I'll admit, I may be a crazy bus lady.

Anyway, since I've admitted it, I'm going to swoon a bit about wet bathrooms.
What are wet bathrooms you ask? Well, I can't decide if they are the worst or the best thing, so if anyone has any real experience with them I'd love to hear what you think!

The basic gist of a wet bathroom is the whole room is the shower. Or I guess you could think of it as the toilet being in the shower. You basically save space by combining the two big bathroom things into one space. Downside I guess is having to sit on a wet toilet sometimes.

Anyway, have some swoon.




(this link is pretty cool for an alternate tiny house structure)


I have to say one of my favorite things about doing these specific things posts is I actually check out where some of my pinterest images come from. Sure I click back to other websites when its an article or just an image for a larger post, but when I am just pinning for the inspiration picture, I don't often check out the full website. So hooray for source links for making me find more cool resources!


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Ethelrose said...

Pretty fancy! I look forward to your wet bath design.