Thursday, April 4, 2013

Healthy Lunch- Salad and Sandwich

Hello All,
 I've been starting lots of posts lately, and not finishing them. I would really love to take an afternoon and finish a bunch. Perhaps this afternoon if I don't get stuck working on things at school.

My quest to eat healthier continues. I've been doing pretty well at avoiding processed things. My strategy for that has been reading labels, and only eating things with ingredients I recognize. In addition to this I've been eating oodles more veggies. Its been great going to the farmer's market and getting fresh salad mix every week!

Today I thought I'd share the lunch I packed. I try to pack lunch every day that I've got to be on campus for a good deal of time. Today I'm just going in for a few meetings (until class tonight) but as they're all around lunch time, and I ate a late breakfast (so eating an early lunch before I leave home is not the best idea) so I packed a light lunch.

StayFit Lunch Box

I've got many bento boxes. My mom makes fun of me, because every time I go to a store like TJ Maxx I agonize about all the boxes they have and how I want to buy another one. This one has its pros and cons, you can't fit a huge amount of food in it, but I like it's simple compartment style.

The cookies and fork kind of make a confused face...

For this lunch I packed a salad (farmers market ftw) topped with carrots and left over chicken and balsamic vinaigrette on the side. Normally I don't eat much meat. The texture kind of grosses me out and it is often too heavy for me. I was vegetarian for 5 years, but do like to try meat once and a while, so I'm just a person who doesn't eat much meat now. Last night though, my roommate made a whole chicken, and I certainly enjoyed a tasty breast. I chopped up some left over bits to top my salad.

You'll also notice on the side I've got half a sandwich. It is just a leftover bun from Gardenburgers with cheese and mustard. 

Also, cookies. As I mentioned before, I like my deserts. 

I realized while looking through my posts lately, its all about food! I guess you can tell whats been on my mind the past few weeks. 

La Mer.

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