Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baldy Heads

So this bald head I'm sporting. Let me tell you a bit about it.

I first shaved my head about four years ago, in high school. I'd had some crazy hair styles before, dyed all sorts of colors, been long, been short, but never shaved.
At the time I had about shoulder length hair with a bad dark purply brown dye job. My mother and I were discussing what I should do next and she jokingly said "Why not just shave it all of?" So, thats what we did. We shaved it all off fairly short, then she and my father went off to do some errands. While she was gone, I found a small patch of long hairs that needed to be trimmed and pulled out the clippers once more. Unfortunately I forgot to put the guard back on the clippers and shaved two beautiful bald patches on the side of my head. My mom added a mohawk to try and hide it a bit, but my glorious friends made sure it was quite visible.

 You'd think I'd have learned my lesson from this mistake, but it seems at least half of the times I've shaved my head I've shaved some accidental bald spots.

From this point on I've shaved my head about once a year. It takes me one year to get from shaved to shoulder length hair, and shoulder length is about the longest I can stand before stray hairs drive me crazy (I've got a pet peeve about shedding head hairs.)

From my first choice to shave my head, as you can see I have no big motive or huge meaning behind my shaved head. I'm not raising money for cancer, I have no illness. I just like short hair. Is that too much to ask? I get frustrated about it sometimes. Mostly because when people ask me why I shave my head, they usually don't accept that answer.

 I've learned to shave my head around some sort of excuse or reason. Two years ago I waited until "Crazy Hair Day" at the summer camp I work at, where I shaved half of my head, for a crazy do. 

This year I waited until Halloween, and was Evey Hammond. Very sadly, I have no picture. But here is the mask I carried around with me!
I also wore a navy trench coat and carried a red rose. There was a bit of makeup involved to make my eyes more blood shot and tired looking.

The other excitement of this head shaving was, as seen in my previous post, I attended a Marine Corps Ball, two days after Halloween.
We figured there were two people with shorter hair then me, and they were the two who were fully shiny bald!

And there ya have it. My lovely bald head.
-La Mer

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Angela said...

I always say that I wish more women would shave their heads because then i would too. if i did it as a one off i would look awful at my age, i'm 52!Also I lost about 50% of my hair many years ago through alopeca so i have the fear it may not grow back. But wow it looks amazing on you.
Angela x