Saturday, May 23, 2015

Days 12 and 13 - bondo and razor blades

Surprise surprise, the roof isn't raised yet. But tomorrow! Hopefully!

Friday (day 12) the prop shop decided to quit early and so I got a few hours of bus work in. I went ahead and pulled the bus into the shop since the scene shop wasn't working Friday or on the weekend. 

 I went around with a wire wheel and cleaned off the dirt and paint around some of the holes in the bus's body in preparation to fill them with bondo. I also gave them a wack with a ball peen hammer so the holes would be slightly indented and easier to fill.  

My other task was scraping off all the lettering and reflective sticker stuff that is on the front and back of the bus. I hadn't realized it was all still there because it had been painted over. I switched back and forth between a paint scraper and a grinder to get it off. The grinder is dusty an makes your hands feel numb but the scraper is tedious and breaks a lot (I probably snapped 5 or 6 razor blades.) 

The next day (Saturday) I continued cleaning up the body. I also ventured into removing note rivets and got one side of the bus open so it will be easier to it off the roof tomorrow. I also filled some of the holes in the body with bondo. 

The biggest news came later when id finished for the day. The silent partner came home and told me he'd seen a refridgerator on the side of the road that was just the right size! We hurried out in his truck and snagged it. It was dark out so no pictures yet, but it's pretty much just the size I was looking for! Tomorrow I'll plug it in and clean it up. I hope it works. :p

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