Sunday, August 5, 2012

I've never had too much trouble coming up with interesting outfits. Clothes are fun, and I don't like to be boring. I have a lot of clothing, and have trouble getting rid of things. Lately I've been wanting to add some sort of consistency to my style, primarily through color. I've liked for a while the idea of having a pastel/earth tone summer wardrobe and a dark/earth tone winter wardrobe. Realistically I don't think I can commit to limiting myself like that, but its a goal. 

Above is my try at a consistently pastel outfit. I've been buying more white colored clothes to add in to my wardrobe including this lovely white skirt. I'm a little wary to wear too much white, what with my hanging around with messy kids all day. Though today was just errands so I risked it. Plus, no running after babies ment I could bring out my favorite wedges. 

I think after a bit more inspiration hunting I'll do another wardrobe purge and see what I can consign. The more I consign the more new, pastel things I can buy!

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