Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another weekend.

Again, I've tried to make my weekend as productive as possible. I spend the week being busy and I often can't wait until its the weekend. I guess is not the sleeping in and laziness I look forward to, but having time to re organize my life and get geared up for the next week.
I spent the entirety of today cleaning up my room. I gave up when I wasn't quite finished, as I felt the need to be social. I'll probably finish up tomorrow morning. I may yet make some blondies, but I don't have all the ingredients right now, but am perusing the substitution options.
Tomorrow the plan is to cook some pancakes (freezing lots for breakfasts this week), some more cleaning and babysitting in the afternoon. I suppose I should do homework somewhere in there too. :P

I hope you've been enjoying your weekend,

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