Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vampires and hairdye.

So today was pretty epic. And so was last night for that matter.

After a night of random free food and fireworks, I got to watch a wonderful thunder and lighting show.

And on to today. Woke up late and went to call the Poding only to realize that I had lost my phone the night before.
Luckily someone had found it so I called them and we met up just a bit ago.

So I did end up making contact with the Poding and we met at Sally's to purchase hair dye. I just fixed my roots because my natural color is quite a bit darker then my current. And I bought some turquoise for future use. So my roots are touched up, and the Poding's hair is freshly redder. And of course while the dye set we couldn't resist watching some Dr. Horrible and then afterward, Buffy.

All and all a tres successful day.

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