Saturday, August 23, 2008

Box creation.

Today while avoiding all intensive garage sale-ing, I finaly got back to working on my box of randomness. A couple months ago I bought an L shaped shelving unit from my local Goodwill. I really had no plan on what to do with it, so I just jumped into painting it. I started with painting each side a diffrent color, then going through with a black pen and adding random detail.

a while back I also became interested in making small, realistic dolls out of femo dough, so It became nessicary to incorpirate one of them into this project. Heres where part of the actual plan came out. I began making a small girl who would be holding an umbrella and flying away. However after baking the head, body and hands in seprate pieces, I was quite unhappy to discover that I had swiched my left and rights when it came to hand positions and arm positions. Luckily I was able to swich the hands and my doll had a look as if she were waving. So my new plan involved the umbrella flying away with the girl waving.

My last problem involved the fact that I hadnt given my girl feet. I needed a solution as to how to hide that. I came up with having grass at the bottem of the box. I found some green yarn to knit into the bottem. last I painted a small background of a field with tree horrizen. Well thats as far as I am now, so I'll post pictures with updates.


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