Friday, October 14, 2011

I feel silly adding to this blog, when I could just start a new one and not have to admit that I have those sporadic posts from the past. But oh well. I never did finish that key wristband. I started it. Never finished. It also doesn't help that I seem to find myself without a camera right now. I'm hoping to fix that soon.

I heard an interesting description about myself the other day. I was described as "Frighteningly talented." It wasn't to my face, but told to my roommate who repeated it to me.
In most things concerning design/art/theater I do try to over achieve and impress, so I guess its working! I worked especially hard last term in my "Elements of Design" class, as it was the required introduction to design class, and I wanted to stand out of the crowed as someone actually majoring in design. Once again, it worked! I was asked to design one of the sets for the following school year (this coming spring term, yikes!) and more or less fast tracked through the design sequence.

So, I'd say "Frighteningly talented" fits me well enough.


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