Monday, August 3, 2009

Fancy Meeting You Here.

So it has been a while.
A bit under a year in fact.
But I'm back.

It is the summer again, and being as I am not working, I am supposed to be focused on finding myself and preparing for the future. Though I've not gotten that far on that. perhaps with a little though focusing, I can accomplish that.

My latest art inspiration has been the though of cardboard boxes, painted white with some sort of house paint. Then I shall place a weight inside, and sharpie on top *attached to a string, for safety* and place it in various places about town. Most likely will be some of the local coffee shops where frequent the artistic types.

As goes my life, I am getting ready to enter my senior year of high school, and I am daunted with the decision of choosing a college. Let me give you my thoughts on some of my prospective choices..

Cornish: Located in Seattle, Washington. I would enjoy this college because it has both a good art community and a thriving theater. I would be very happy to major in visual arts with a minor in technical theatre. I do enjoy the city of Seattle, however I shall be visiting next weekend and shall give you my better opinion. I have not visited Seattle in a few years.

Pasific North West College of Art: Located in Portland, Oregon. This college is a bit closer to home. Around a two hour drive. Not that I drive. :p But oh well. Clearly they fit the art description, However other then that, I do not know much about it. I shall visit soon, and tell you more.

Oregon College of Art and Craft: Location, Portland, 0regon. Again, closer location. I visited a few months past and enjoyed the atmosphere immensely. It is much smaller, around 200 students. The campus is quite foresty and had a wonderful collection of buildings. Two down sides would be that there is no theatre program, however they do have connections to other colleges that I could take classes at. Secondly, they do not have many 'out of high school' students, meaning I would not have a great amount of people my own age with which to bond. However in the past, I've learned thats not always necessary. =] I was very taken with their curriculum. Their focus is entirly on art. In your four years there, you take four classes not directly related to art. These are classes such as history *art history*, math *artistic geometry* and english *describing art in writing*. I would find this structure an amazing relief to my coming four years.

Southern Oregon University: Located in Ashland, Oregon. This college is known for their theatre, which poses good and bad bits for me. I would still be focused on art, and a minor degree in theatre, however I wonder if it would be difficult to get a good theatre experience where everyone is so competitive there. Financialy, this is the most logical choice. I quite like the town of Ashland, and have a good amount of friends who are currently attending SOU.

University Of Oregon: Location, Eugene, Oregon. I have always known of this college, being as it is the closest other then the college town I live in currently. The city is know for their thriving art community and I do believe I could recieve a good art education here. They are also the financially logical choice, being a state college and costing around 5,000 as apposed to 40,000 that non state colleges cost. I hope to tour this college in the near future.

Well, thoes thoughts were nice to get out onto... blog.


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